Conversation with my brother, William

100_9932One of my brothers is William Martin Jones. Today he turned 15 and also completed a beastly set of 100 push ups. I wanted to start doing interviews or conversations on this blog, so I decided to start with some fun talking to William. Here’s how it went:

Marshall: Want to have an interview?

William: Hmm?

M: I’ll just ask you some questions, and you can answer. You in?

W: Maybe.

M: So Will, why did you get into push ups in the first place?

W: ‘Cause I like them.

M: What inspired you to go for 100?

W: ‘Cause I wanted to.

M: Okay, you’re not making this too easy, Will.

W: It’s like the crab type of answer… [Imitating crab voice] “Cause I wanted to.”

[Here’s the crab Will’s talking about:]

M: [Laughs] How’d you figure out you’re good with imitations?

W: By doing them. Are you actually doing this for something, or are you just making this up?

M: I’m just making it up. [Pause] How does it feel to be half an inch taller than your older brother?

W: Actually, I believe I’m more than half an inch taller. It feels good.

M: What questions do you want me to ask you? [After a pause] Have any questions?

W: [Imitating a line from the movie, Fury to Freedom] No… no, I don’t think so.

M: When we visited California a couple months ago, some relatives seemed to think you don’t talk much. Why do they think that?

W: ‘Cause they can’t keep their mouths shut, and let me get a word in edge wise. Make sure you write it, “Worch in ech wise.” That’s how Ricky says it on I Love Lucy.

M: How’s it feel to be 15, Will?

W: It’s funny because I felt older the day before I turned 15. I felt older when I was about to turn 15. No, not really. Sike.

M: Is that “sike” spelled like…

W: S-I-K-E.

M: Any closing remarks, Will? Anything you want to add?

W: No.

And that’s how the conversation unfolded. Stay tuned for more compelling interviews and conversations. It’s worth it.