Conversation over writing

I should be doing something else right now. An idea came to me, though, so I wanted to just jot it down. Here’s the idea:

I would be a better writer if I didn’t care so much about conversation.

I might not turn into an astounding literally genius, but I could write better. The constraint is care. Is it better to learn to write with powerfuller words (maybe start by using “real” words) or spend more time with people? Which is better, conversation or writing?

[Note: By “conversation,” I mean back and forth interaction, not necessarily oral communication.]

For now, I’m choosing conversation. I’m not giving up on writing all together. A certain level of writing skills is required for conversation. But when I must chose, I chose conversation over writing.

When I started this piece, I planned to show how i could edit the even just the first sentence to make it better writing. But I think you understand what I mean enough, and I’d rather spend the extra effort conversing more.

Conversation wins.