Computer's back up

Yep, after going without my own computer for a couple days there, it’s back from the shop and up and working again. Thank you, Dell.

Since I didn’t have my own computer, I realized a few things that I’d forgotten were so important.

  1. Thanks to online storage and a thumb drive that holds (only) 8 GB, my entire hard drive fit on my thumb drive. <<That is amazing.
  2. I like my mini laptop much better than the larger, wide screen versions. The others are too clunky now – they don’t even fit on my lap. I can take my mini anywhere.
  3. I have too many extras and shortcuts set up on my own computer. Other computers feel handicapped now. Fact: I’m officially a geek.

What do you love about your computer?

[Irony: I wrote this post, but it published a day late. Evidently, my computer’s back up, but I’m still out of it. I fell asleep with my computer in my lap.]