Coming soon (within two weeks)…

In two weeks, I should have something exciting for you… or at least exciting for me to share with you.

Two weeks from now marks the 1-year anniversary of me starting this blog.

I started it on a whim, knowing I needed to eventually start my own personal blog. Because it was fairly spontaneous, I set it up through I knew I wouldn’t stay here long if I continued the blog, but I wanted to test myself first, see if I could maintain any kind of posting schedule.

So far, I have. This began as a 30-day challenge to post once per day for thirty days in a row. After I successfully completed that, I kept going. Since then, I’ve missed a few days here and there, but I’ve always come back and posted something for those missed days. As a result, if you look through all the old posts, you should see (unless I’m mistaken) that I have a post for each day since I began.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, shortly after finishing that 30-day challenge,  I decided that if I kept going for at least one year, I’d publish an ebook with all the posts from the previous year.

So two weeks from today, I plan to publish that ebook.

Trouble is, I haven’t even started working on it. Time to get going.

On top of that, though, I have another project to start for this site. As I said, I began on, knowing that I would move away. I’m going to try to make that move within two weeks. I’m going to move to a “self-hosted,” platform.

For you, that means this blog will be at instead of It also means I’ll have more control over the site’s design, which is really cool.

Okay, if you’ve read all the drivel in this post so far, I congratulate you. As a reward (?), let me know what you’d like to see in the new and improved version of the site.

What don’t you like about this current design? What do you like about it?

I already have a pretty good idea of what I’m shooting for, but I’d love to get your input. Let me know in the comments.