What do you call it?

I call it coke. So if I want to offer you one of those non-alcoholic, sparkling drinks, I say, “Want a coke?”

Other people call it soda. Or pop.

Or soda pop.

I call it coke.

So after you say yes, I’m like, “So what do you want? I have Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Orange Soda.” (Actually, I rarely, rarely have Orange Soda, except for today because a friend brought it over, but that’s beside the point… oh, and now in this case, Coke means Coca-Cola. I’m tricky like that.)

All that to say, “Coke” to me (the first time anyway) means the general family of deliciousness, not the specific brand.

Okay, so I’ve shared my heart with you. Share yours with me

What do you call it?