Closing 2011, I’m rich

What makes you feel rich?

For me, I feel rich when I feel loved. I feel rich when I’m doing exciting things, stuff I’ve never done before. I feel rich when I don’t have to worry about much but can choose to pursue stuff that scares me. I feel rich when I can spend what I want, when I can do what I want pretty much any time I want.

I also enjoy getting together with friends often. Usually, that means participating at a church pretty often too. But it could just include meeting friends and walking around town.

Now when I consider how I’m living now, I feel rich. I have…

  • Family who loves me
  • Friends who care and hang out
  • A salary to cover anything I want and still save
  • Opportunities to learn every day
  • Opportunities to influence kids each day
  • A church to attend
  • A city to explore
  • Exciting experiences all the time
  • Plenty of clothes
  • Plenty of food
  • Better than average health
  • Easy transportation
  • Lots of time
  • A bright future
  • People to share my life with

By all the measures that matter to me, I’m rich, ridiculously rich. I guess I can only go downhill from here. 🙂