How City BBQ did it right

I work at a cool company where the owner buys us lunch each Tuesday. And I’m the one who gets to decide what we get and pick it up.

This week, I chose City BBQ.
When I picked it up, they did something special, two things really:
First, they offered me a free beverage. I certainly took them up on this offer and got myself a sweet tea.
As I did, I thought, “That was pretty smart of them. In a moment, they’re going to have me sign a receipt that asks me if I’d like to leave a tip. With this fresh beverage in my hand, I probably will.”
But then guess what they did…
Second, they didn’t give me a line to add a tip when they had me sign the receipt. Now, some people might read this and think, “They left money on the table because they didn’t provide that line to add a tip.” And they would be right to assume that.
But I was so thankful City BBQ didn’t include that tip line. I felt like they’d given me that drink because they actually cared, not because they were trying to bribe me for a tip.
Isn’t that the definition of generosity, giving to those who can’t pay you back?
It’s so much easier to complain about the annoying policies, or just tip someone on that tip line, than to purposely call out the gestures that inspire me to smile, be thankful, and actually enjoy my experience with a restaurant like City BBQ.