Christmas 2013


This is my second Christmas outside of the United States.

The first one happened back in Korea. I enjoyed the time hanging out with friends, some of which I’d just met and others of which I’d known almost the entire time I’d lived there. Still, it felt sad being away from home.

This second Christmas away feels similar. I thought I knew what I was getting into when I decided to go away for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. Given only one of the holidays, I still think I picked the right one to come home for. But that doesn’t make it any easier being away for Christmas.

Last night, they shot fireworks into the sky. Late at night, I felt the light on my eyes and the boom in my face. It’s still Christmas, even on the other side of the equator. I still remember family and friends, the year gone by, and why we even celebrate this day at all: because Jesus was born.

I smile. I wake up late, and I smile. I’m so blessed. Feliz Navidad!