Christmas 2009

Not much to say today. I’m insanely blessed. You are too, whether you know it or not.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Jimmy Fallon’s CD “The Bathroom Wall.” It sounds like it – just a bunch of very different styles. Not sure I’m a fan of the CD, but Jimmy’s fun.

Update: I realized right after publishing this something that the CD sleeve says:

“And in case you happen to see this laying around in one of those bargain bins in a used CD store, do me a favor and pick it up. . . Remember, somewhere, at one time, someone wanted it enough to buy it, and by exchanging it for something else, what they were really saying was not that they didn’t like the album, but that they didn’t like themselves.” -Jimmy Fallon

Classic Fallon. Okay, update over.

Some cool things on the horizon thanks to some of the gifts I’ve already received. Get ready… 2009 has been amazing, and I’m going to up it by ten in 2010.

Let’s rock it together.