Christianity's crazy claim

Christianity has quite a few crazy claims, but the first, the most important, the one that should at least get your attention is this:

Christianity claims that a person died, was dead for three days, came back to life, and then was seen by about 500 people.

Jack Bauer died and then came back to life. But he revived within minutes, not days.

Achilles (NSFW?) died and then his divine mother snatched him off the funeral pyre to grant him immortality. But the people who claimed to see him were immortals, not mortals.

Bodhidharma died and then a monk saw him with a shoe three years later. But afterward the monk dug up his dead body… instead of never finding it.

So, like it or not, Christianity still has the market on the craziest, most daring resurrection claim. If you’re a Christian, you have to accept that. If you’re not a Christian, you have to reconcile why you don’t accept it.

Either way, you have to deal with Christianity’s crazy claim.