Chopsticks, Korean style [EXPERIMENT] – Day 6

I didn’t get any practice yesterday, which is why I’m counting this as Day 6. But today, Day 6, went well.

Just rice with soy sauce today. And metal chopsticks.

Thing is, when the rice is sticky and not loaded with a bunch of slippery sauce, it’s not too bad to pick up with chopsticks. Plus, I feel more comfortable with them now. I think I’m getting the hang of the technique, not so cramped. This helped:

  • When you pick up the chopsticks, put your hands in the position they’re supposed to be, even if you don’t think you’ll be able to hold or move the chopsticks that way.
  • For instance, I was having trouble extending my index and middle fingers. So I’d hold the tips of the chopsticks together with my left hand, and then grab the chopsticks in the right place, fingers extended, and try to work with them.
  • It sounds weird, but after a while – a couple days based on this experiment – your hands learn to cooperate. At least mine started to.

So great, I’m not a beginner anymore. Now I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate. 🙂