Check your amazingness scale each morning with this simple tip

The first few seconds of the day can seem to have tremendous influence over our lives. Like the phrase, “Wow, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

I think it’s the other way around. I think it’s the rest of life influencing the first few seconds of the day. That’s why this assessment works.

I simply ask:

“Am I excited to get out of bed this morning?”

If yes, my amazingness scale is pumped. If low, my amazingness scale is looking like a mediocrity scale.

I find if I’m struggling the first few moments of the morning, I’ll struggle the rest of the day. If instead I’m eager to start the day, I’ll likely enjoy the day.

And this doesn’t (usually) have anything to do with how much sleep I’ve had. Even if I only catch three hours of sleep, I can still wake up excited to start the day. Sure, I’m tired, but I don’t have that “all I want to do is sleep” feeling.

I wake up daily, so it’s a daily assessment. As long as I remember, I can check myself each morning to see how my perspective on life is lookin’.

Remember – if the first few moments of your day are lousy, it’s because your life is lousy, not the other way around.