Carrot juice drinking

My brother, William, used to love drinking carrot juice when he was three years old or so. I didn’t. Not only did I not love drinking it, I actually hated it.

After a spurt, my mom stopped buying carrot juice.

About a decade later, though, my mom started buying it again – for health reasons of course. By then William had grown out of it – he didn’t like carrot juice much anymore. [Update: William kindly informed me that he does in fact still enjoy carrot juice.]

But I decided to try an experiment.

At that time, I liked almost every food I’d tried. I wasn’t picky. I even razzed friends who didn’t eat certain food because they didn’t like them.

But I didn’t like carrot juice.

So I decided to see if someone (myself in this case) could learn to like a hated food.

Each day, I tried to drink a cup of carrot juice. Sure enough, after a while I did learn to enjoy carrot juice.

It actually startled me. I didn’t trust my taste buds. I still don’t. Right before a glass, I still wonder if I’m just tricking myself into thinking I like carrot juice.

Once I take a sip, though, I know. I genuinely love carrot juice. It’s grown to become my favorite juice.

Carrot juice for me represents more than a beverage. It represents the ability to learn to appreciate, the ability to alter my taste, the ability to radically shirt my preferences.

I encourage you to try it… carrot juice and altering your tastes.