Book reviews coming

How should I do this so it’s helpful for you?

That is a question. If you’d like to answer, please do.

I don’t know ’bout you, but I like non-fiction reviews when they give away the best material from the book (fiction’s not so great that way). I also like some opinion of the book thrown in.

Going off what I like for now, I’ll try to make the reviews interesting. You’ll get the opinion part from me. And I’ll also try to give away all the wonderful material.

I read mostly non-fiction. At last estimate, I read about 20 non-fiction books for every one fiction book. Here’s what I read:

  • Tutorial books on anything I’m interested in learning at the moment (e.g. yo-yo or magic tricks, computer programming, cutting hair, etc.)
  • Business books on marketing, entrepreneurship, and general economic trends.
  • Personal development books on relationships, productivity, and lifestyle design (Ferriss gets around, doesn’t he?).
  • Philosophy books on personal identity, subjective and personal reality, social interaction, and ethics.
  • Christian books on living, theology, and discipleship.
  • Recommended fiction (recommend your favorite novel – maybe I’ll read it).

That’s a general idea. You’ll get a better idea of my reading choices as the reviews come out.

Now I’m off to google “how to write a book review” because I have no idea how to make them amazing. Suggestions?