Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 2

Let’s start from the bottom (of my life here) up. Enter “10 ideas for growing Sonitrol this year.”

  1. Spend at least two hours per week calling to set first appointments for our sales consultants.
  2. Join local trade organizations for banks, schools, jewelers, or just warehouse type companies. See if I can get to know anyone and ask them, “Who would you recommend that I talk to?”
  3. Attend networking events or groups. Ask them to recommend businesses I should call on.
  4. Setup a cool demo station to let people see our products when we set up booths at trade organizations, festivals, or conferences.
  5. Set up quality control follow ups for our installation teams. Take the sales person who sold the job out on site at the end of the installation. Talk with the customer. Get feedback. Check the systems. Let the installation technicians know what they did well and help them improve what they missed. Create accountability to do the job correctly the first time.
  6. Frequent local businesses, introduce myself, and drop off business cards when I’m outside of work. Keep a list of where I do this and follow up with phone calls later to set appointments.
  7. Start an email newsletter for all our current and new customers. Send one email a month or so updating on our progress, blogs we’ve posted, criminals we’ve caught.
  8. Follow up with customers who have break-ins when we catch the intruder. Ask for testimonials. Show up on site to interview them and use the video on our blog, in presentations, and as a way to reach out to local news organizations.
  9. Hire an intern from one of the local colleges to be our part-time media person, say, two days a week. Have this person write us blog posts, run our email campaigns, attend in-person conferences, post social media updates, edit video testimonials, and maybe even try some other experimental prospecting ideas (e.g. door to door, LinkedIn connecting, etc.).
  10. Train our more seasoned “second” guys to be lead install techs and hire two more technicians to start training to run wires with us. Get back up to five full time teams.

Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 1

James Altucher writes about becoming an Idea Machine in his books.

He recommends writing down 10 ideas on a waiter’s pad each day. They don’t have to be good ideas. The point is just to get in the habit of coming up with ideas. In fact, it’s better to start with bad ideas to get the process flowing.

I’d like to give this a shot here.

To start, today’s list will be 10 ideas for Idea Machine lists:

  1. 10 ideas for becoming a better father
  2. 10 ideas for get back into blogging each day
  3. 10 ideas for promoting Hunchback Whale BEFORE we release our CD
  4. 10 ideas for developing leads that don’t involve cold calling
  5. 10 ideas for better family habits in 2016
  6. 10 ideas for speeches I could give at Toastmasters
  7. 10 ideas for making money on the side
  8. 10 ideas for BEFORE-work routines
  9. 10 ideas for weekend fun this year
  10. 10 ideas for growing Sonitrol this year

In the coming lists, I’ll likely flesh out the ideas more than I do here. Or maybe not.

We’ll see.

No phone at home [EXPERIMENT] – Day 27ish

It’s officially been 27 days since I started this experiment. The ishiness of it, though, is that I haven’t kept to it the whole time.

For the few two weeks, I stayed pretty faithful. After that, I started getting back on my phone for a few things here and there. Pretty soon, I was back where I started before the experiment.

What’s curious, though, if that I liked the results. I liked not being on my phone. I spend more meaningful time online when I’m on my laptop instead of my phone. And when I’m conscious of it, I spend more time doing things offline as well

At this point, I’m not sure where I’ll go from here. I’d like to say I’m going to stay off my phone moving forward, only using it for calling and returning texts instead of mindlessing scrolling through Facebook or whatever. But judging by the past few weeks, I’m not sure that’s what will happen.

We’ll see. I think each time I try to audit my time more, I notice an improvement in how I’m spending it.

In fact, I just saw Gary Vaynerchuk talking about auditing your 7pm to 2am. That’s what this all comes down to. How am I using the time that’s not specifically scheduled for anything? Am I using it wisely? Am I using it the best way possible?

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