Once upon a time, I wrote a blog called Marshallogue. I wrote every day. I wrote about life experiments and observations.

One day, I missed. I didn’t write. Or, really, I wrote but didn’t publish anything I wrote that day.

No big deal. A milestone, yes, but I’ll continue tomorrow, I thought. Not only continue, I’ll make up for the missed day.

So I did. I wrote a post and even published it to cover that day I missed. Then I continued my writing.

Days passed, months without missing. Then I missed again. And recovered. Missed yet again and recovered.

Then I missed a day and didn’t recover. This was back in 2011, the year I was in Korea. The day I missed was Christmas Day (and a few others around then). What’s weird is, I knew what I wanted to write for that day. I just didn’t write it.

I meant to return and make up for that day, the way I had for all the others, but I didn’t.

Now I miss all the time. I haven’t published anything here in months.

And I don’t miss it each day.

I mean, it used to be that when I’d miss a day, it would nag at me. Hey, Marshall, get back in there and publish something.

Now I don’t notice when I miss individual days of publishing.

But I miss it. I miss it in general. I miss the outcome. I miss looking back at what I’ve written over the months. I miss not having published anything to commemorate the most important moments of my life.

Profile: Meagan Jones (aka “Meagan Aaron”)

Meagan Leigh Jones. Same middle name as me, just the girl version. And now, the same last name as well.

How I met Meagan

We met online, as all good friendships begin, right? It was just before I left for Saudi. One of the first things I told her was, “Yeah, I should have met you sooner. I’m leaving for Saudi for nine and half months.”

She said, “That’s okay. We can just be long distance friends.”

And so we were.

Who Meagan is

  • My wife
  • The mother of my step-son
  • The woman I’m in love with

What Meagan likes

  • Dresses (and the shopping that goes along with buying those dresses)
  • Books (and reading them)
  • Photography (and taking photos)

One fact about Meagan

She has a scar on her chest near her collarbone. She scraped herself on a pool ladder when she was young. It’s one of those imperfections that makes her even more perfect.

One reason I like Meagan

She’s optimistic to a fault. When she gets mad, she can’t stay mad. When there’s a problem in the way, she looks for how to make it okay, better. When she’s sad, she cries… but when she’s not sad, she smiles and laughs and sparkles her eyes.

One memory I have of Meagan

Zoo day. It was almost a perfect day, definitely a perfect time spent together. We didn’t argue. We just loved. I can’t even write about it clearly without crying right now. I’ll keep the details between me and her.

Meagan in one word


What ticks you off?

If you pay attention, you can tell a lot about a person by what ticks them off.

I hate slow Internet. I can’t stand spending money on stupid things. And I waste more time complaining about complainers than is helpful for me or the complainers.

These are the things that tick me off. Like a time fuse on a bomb, these are the things that control when, even how, I explode.

When I think of great men, though, I know the things that annoy them are far greater. Great men get annoyed by great things.

  • Slavery
  • Poverty
  • Disease
  • Addiction
  • Loneliness
  • Desperation
  • Indifference

I don’t mean great on a scale between good and bad. I mean it in terms of grandeur or magnitude. The things that annoy great men are far more significant than the things that annoy me.

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