Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 4

10 ideas for BEFORE-work routines… here we go:

  1. Take a walk outside
  2. Drink a cup of tea while listening to a chapter of the Bible
  3. Read a book for half an hour
  4. Email someone to interview. Maybe someone I’d like to learn from. Maybe someone I could interview for my blog. Maybe someone I could interview for a Hunchback Whale blog review post.
  5. Pushups
  6. Drink a tall glass of water (an internal bath) and eat some protein
  7. Write down 10 ideas and publish them
  8. Prepare some food to bring to work
  9. Ride a bike into work
  10. Wake up with an extra hour of time

Once I get going, coming up with ideas like this is a lot of fun. If I can make this more of a habit, I’m interested in seeing where this leads. I’m interested in seeing what happens when I circle back around a dig further into these ideas, with, say, 10 ideas on how to execute on any one of the ideas I come up with it.

Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 3

I’ve been a bum and haven’t followed up with this experiment in a few weeks. Time to get back on track.

Here’s 10 ideas for weekend fun this year:

  1. Go camping at Jefferson Forest
  2. Visit the Natural Bridge in Kentucky with my family
  3. Play a gig at the fair
  4. Have a picnic at a park I’ve never visited
  5. Run a race (the Derby Half Manathon, maybe?)
  6. Find a free festival to attend
  7. Take Meagan and Gage to the Maple Syrup farm
  8. Host a Louisville bands meetup (so everyone can meet everyone else)
  9. Build a fort (or two?) in the backyard
  10. Have a weekend BBQ at our place

Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 2

Let’s start from the bottom (of my life here) up. Enter “10 ideas for growing Sonitrol this year.”

  1. Spend at least two hours per week calling to set first appointments for our sales consultants.
  2. Join local trade organizations for banks, schools, jewelers, or just warehouse type companies. See if I can get to know anyone and ask them, “Who would you recommend that I talk to?”
  3. Attend networking events or groups. Ask them to recommend businesses I should call on.
  4. Setup a cool demo station to let people see our products when we set up booths at trade organizations, festivals, or conferences.
  5. Set up quality control follow ups for our installation teams. Take the sales person who sold the job out on site at the end of the installation. Talk with the customer. Get feedback. Check the systems. Let the installation technicians know what they did well and help them improve what they missed. Create accountability to do the job correctly the first time.
  6. Frequent local businesses, introduce myself, and drop off business cards when I’m outside of work. Keep a list of where I do this and follow up with phone calls later to set appointments.
  7. Start an email newsletter for all our current and new customers. Send one email a month or so updating on our progress, blogs we’ve posted, criminals we’ve caught.
  8. Follow up with customers who have break-ins when we catch the intruder. Ask for testimonials. Show up on site to interview them and use the video on our blog, in presentations, and as a way to reach out to local news organizations.
  9. Hire an intern from one of the local colleges to be our part-time media person, say, two days a week. Have this person write us blog posts, run our email campaigns, attend in-person conferences, post social media updates, edit video testimonials, and maybe even try some other experimental prospecting ideas (e.g. door to door, LinkedIn connecting, etc.).
  10. Train our more seasoned “second” guys to be lead install techs and hire two more technicians to start training to run wires with us. Get back up to five full time teams.

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