Blog posts are like gravestones

Just the because the gravestones are still there, doesn’t mean they’re lasting forever.

I’ve written a lot here. Over 1,500 posts now.

I used to think this body of work would end up being part of my legacy, that people after me would be able to read these words years after I die.

In reality, I doubt many people will read this after I die. Most of my closest friends don’t read it now. Why would strangers suddenly read it years after I’m out of here?

I used to think this would be bad. I wanted people to read this for ages.

But that’s like those gravestones. Just because they’re there, out there in the world, available for people to see, doesn’t mean anyone will.

Instead, what lasts is what makes an impact, what makes change, what affects souls.

The gravestones don’t do that. Hopefully, the people they represent did.

Hopefully, the words and ideas represented here will.