Blanks for the first 6 hours

So there’s this guy who killed like 100 people. And since it’s in Norway where there’s no death penalty and a maximum prison sentence of 21 years, he’ll get out when he’s 53.

On Facebook, someone said he should be lined up in front of a firing squad. “That shoots blanks for the first 6 hours,” someone else added.

With all the outrage, the first thing I thought was, What would it be like for someone to shoot blanks at you for six hours?

The first few shots would be horrific, probably the first 10 minutes even. But for six hours? How would that play out?

  • Would you get used to it?
  • Would you resign yourself to death?
  • Would you reach total indifference?

Scary part is, I bet we would. Consider some of the other times in history when humans have been driven to that much despair. Consider even some of the moments in your own life.

I think you and I would get used to it, would resign ourselves to death, would reach total indifference.¬†And it’s probably presumptuousness to assume we’re that much different from the guy who killed all those people too.