Beyond blogging

In the beginning (or at least very early on), I thought I wanted to publish posts each day and then compile them into one volume at the end of the year. Maybe a PDF, maybe a physical book – I didn’t know.

Shortly after year one rolled past, though, I realized I don’t really want to offer Marshallogue in some other format. It’s a weblog, so it should kind of stay that way.

It’s only been recently, as in the past month or so, that I’ve actually given up the idea of turning it into a book or an ebook or whatever. I just recently untethered from the idea for real. That changes things.

So far, I’ve only posted writing. I wanted to keep things simple. Even when I did make short videos or whatever, I always just linked to them instead of posting them here. I wanted everything to stay pure, in case I decided to turn it into a book or something (video doesn’t work so well on a physical page… yet).

Now that I’ve given up that idea, it’s time to branch out. I’m more than writing. I can express myself in other ways too.

In particular, I’ve been getting into pictures. I’d like to post some pictures here, not turn it into a photo blog or anything, just expand a bit.

I’d also like to have the option to post video or audio or even just text in other formats, like short quotes, slides, or longer, PDF-style documents.

I have a crazy lot of stuff I’m working on right now (a secret project), so I probably won’t make any changes for a few months. Just know, behind the scenes, I’m working to change things, to give a different perspective, to give a more complete picture of what I’m into.

Marshallogue will still be about what I’m thinking, but I’ll expand into other dimensions of expression. At least that’s what I’m considering. Just a heads up.

What do you say? Would you be up for this?