Better sorry than safe

“Better safe than sorry.”

How often have you heard that? Do you believe it? Do you live your life that way? Like which would you choose:

  • The same food you know you enjoy or a new food you don’t know about?
  • The same job you know you can stand or a new job you don’t know about?
  • The same home where you’ve always lived or a new home you don’t know about?

These are just a couple examples, but you can imagine others. Which way do you lean?

Better safe than sorry. It keeps coming back to me. I think I’ve held it in the back of my mind ever since the sober little pig told his brother, “I’ll be safe and you’ll be sorry when the wolf comes to the door.”

But it hit me the other day that I don’t want to believe it anymore. I don’t want to live that way. I’m scared of regret, and I hate apologizing. But safe – safe is the opposite of what I want to care about.

I’d rather be sorry than safe. I’d rather live a story. I’d rather step into North Korea, even if no one wants to join me. You?