Bangkok felt like home

So I left Bangkok for, what, five or six days? Traveled through northeastern Thailand and then through Laos. Spent a couple nights on some trains. Spent a few more nights staying up way too late. Spent the Fourth of July chatting with Americans and Spaniards and Irishmen and Laotians.

All that – well, most of all that – was great, but then I returned to Bangkok.

And surprise, surprise – something hit me that I totally didn’t expect. Arriving in the city, picking up food in Thai, knowing my way around, at least a bit, I realized that Bangkok felt like home.

Sure, I lived here for like three weeks. Sure, I learned like five phrases in Thai and tried 30+ different Thai dishes. Sure, I made friends who actually live there.

But I didn’t expect it to feel like home.┬áIt makes me wonder how it will feel when I return to Korea, to America, to Kentucky…