Backpacker’s wardrobe: Why I ran the experiment

As you know, I ran an experiment back in April to see how living with just 13 items of clothing could go.

At the time, I said the experiment, beyond just being something I wanted to try, would help prepare me for another adventure a couple months later. Well, that other adventure is now.

I’m living in Bangkok and have been for the past two and a half weeks. In a few days, I’ll jump over to Laos, and then we’ll see where I end up after that. My flight back to Korea isn’t until July 17.

As a result, I’ve been living basically the 13 item wardrobe, not as an experiment this time but because it’s easier. I packed everything into one backpack and have been living out of it. Along with clothes, I also packed my laptop, a power converter (yes, seriously), and some books, none of which are small or light.

So I’ve needed to keep the weight of everything else down.

Along the way, I’ve been washing my clothes by hand in the sinks where I stay. This has worked out well so far. It’s tropical here, so everything dries fairly quickly, as long as I keep them in a dry place, not outside where they can get hit by the afternoon downpour.

Instead of pretending to live like a backpacker, I actually am one. And I’m enjoying it.