Are you scared of creating the bio you want?

I am.

It’s come into sharper focus for me today. I’m realizing that I’m not going as far, living as outrageously as I should be to create the bio I want to tell.

I’m scared to pull the trigger. I’m scared to go all out. I’m scared to do things bigger than myself.

I’ve kept ridiculously busy over the past few weeks, which has allowed me to drift into reaction mode. I’ve not had time to think and consider… I’ve mostly just done.

Action is a good thing if it’s directed the right way. Otherwise, all the efficiency and productivity in the world is a waste of time.

Over the weekend, I’m going to try to slow down and ask myself big questions. And maybe next month… no, for sure next month, I’ll start living the story I want to tell.

What about you?