An end to world boredom

Back in the day, I got bored. (Profound, right?)

Now I don’t.

But what about all those people who still do? I think about them once in a while, mostly because they text me or tell me or status me. Until now, I’ve generally tried to convince people to have more amazing lives than that. But usually, it doesn’t do much good.

So here’s my new proposition:

Come up with something for bored people.

I’m envisioning one of two things (or possibly both):

Idea #1: Write a post with ten wonderful, boredom freeing activities for people to do. That way, when someone says they’re bored, I can immediately point them to that post.

For this, I need your help. Suggest some activities for bored people to do. I’ll pick the top 10 results and post about them.

Idea #2 (more work): build something online that will be both fun for bored people and helpful to the rest of us.

That’s the main goal here. I’d like to help the bored people. But more than that, I’d like for the bored people to provide something useful when they’re bored (instead of, for example, sending them to digg).

Maybe some of these already exist. If so, it’ll make this easy… as long as I find out about them.

Let me know what you come up with…

  • Something easy enough for a bored person to get into quickly…
  • But meaningful enough to keep them engaged…
  • While providing some kind of value.

Read my follow up post here: “How to be excited.”