An adoption question I can’t answer

“What if you meet someone you want to marry but she doesn’t want to adopt?”

I have about a billion different responses for this one, a billion different questions to ask, situations to consider, paths of thought to traverse.

  • I could say that just won’t happen.
  • I could talk about how the person in question probably wouldn’t get close enough to me, knowing my plans, for me to marry her.
  • I could mention that I don’t think God would lead me down two paths, adopting and marrying this women, if the paths didn’t connect anywhere and lead in the same direction.

When it comes down to it, though, I really have just one honest answer:

I don’t know. I’ll answer that if and when it happens. Trying to make that decision now with a general response lacking any info about the details of the situation or the person involved — there’s no way.

It’s a great question because it’s tough to answer and filled with meaning. Like most great questions, though, I don’t have a solution. Just know I’ve considered the question and, one more request, pray to God I don’t have to answer it.