Am I losing my hearing?

When I visited Alaska, Alisha mentioned that it seemed like I asked her to repeat herself more often than other people asked her to do that. She asked why that was. I didn’t really know at the time, but I started paying more attention to it.

Now in Saudi Arabia, it’s resurfaced again with my housemate, Michael. I feel like I’m constantly asking him to repeat himself. He’s noticed too.

With Alisha and Alaska in general, I thought it was just something going on with talking to friends I hadn’t hung out with much. Now with Michael and Saudi, though, I feel like it might be something with my hearing, not just a lack of focus or whatever when people are talking.

Maybe I’m just hyper sensitive to this after realizing my vision is going. For now, I’m throwing it out there as a way to remember when I first had this feeling, in case it does deteriorate further.