Adoption fund: The last call (and thank you)

Well, as the month winds down, it’s time to close up the adoption fund experiment. It’s been wild, watching friends contribute, hearing your stories, learning more about each of you.

We haven’t hit the $10,000 goal, but overall the entire process has been a success. Thank you.

For those who haven’t contributed for whatever reason, this is the last chance.

No more hype. No more special bonuses – the books are offline. At this point, there’s not much else I can say or even want to say to try to persuade you to get involved. At this point, you know why I’m doing this. You know why you should you should join the fund and why you shouldn’t.

At this point, it’s just a decision on your part.

 Contribute here 

The last offer I’ll present is just this: even if you don’t buy all the reasons I’ve presented, even if you don’t think it’s all that great of an idea, even if you’re not too enthusiastic about this whole project, even if you think I’m insane for trying this, you can still contribute because sometimes that’s just what friends do regardless…

Support each other.

Whatever you decide, I hope we can do that for one another. And if you’re already on board, thank you. And even if you’re not on board, thank you for paying attention anyway.