Adoption fund [EXPERIMENT]

This is one of my secret projects, now revealed. It’s also one of the largest scale experiments I’ve ever hatched. For everyone who’s been waiting, this is it. For everyone who wants to know, here’s how it works.

First off, the big revelation is that, yes, I want to adopt a child. And yes, I’m already moving in that direction right now. Over the next few posts, I’ll explain more of why I want to adopt and the logistics behind it. For now, I’m just announcing it.

Second, I need funds for the adoption. That’s where you come in. That’s what this experiment is all about. I need $10,000.

To put this number into perspective, consider this. I have over 500 friends on Facebook alone. If each of them contributes $20 this month, that will total $10,000. That’s the goal in May: to get everyone I’ve ever known involved in this.

Since this is an experiment, I’ll be tracking what seems to work and what doesn’t, as well as adding my own commentary as the month progresses.

Needless to say, I’m scared about this experiment on a number of levels.

  • First, the whole idea of adoption seems like a huge decision to commit to. But I’m in now. I’m scared because even though I’ve thought about this and considered this for a long time, it seems like no one ever feels completely (or even remotely) prepared for it.
  • Second, in most experiments, I like to leave the possibility open for returning to how I was when I started. This one doesn’t leave that possibility. There’s no backing out of this one. I’m scared because any kind of announcement like this is a big deal.
  • Third, even though my effort in this experiment is a big part of it, its results depend squarely on other people, my friends, you. I’m scared because it could turn out that no one gets involved.

If you have questions, please let me know via the contact form. I’ll respond, and I’ll use some of them to put together a FAQ page over the next few days.

Otherwise, if you want to join us, if you’d like to help me adopt, please visit here:

→ Adoption Fund ←

This is the big request. This is what the experiment is all about. Everyone lives a story. Mine’s on purpose. Will you join this chapter?