About changing of season

[Note: Thanks to Wen Lin for the topic suggestion.]

It’s slightly cooler now than a month ago. I wore shorts, a button-down shirt, and a long sleeve shirt on top of it all. Odd for most my friends – normal for me.

Right now, the weather seems like its waiting… waiting to change. It’s in between.

The leaves will change soon. Or maybe they have already. I haven’t noticed yet. The wind blows now. The air feels dryer.

Changing of season reminds me of the changing of the guard. I watched once as the guards switched guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier. We arrived early, so we watched for a few minutes as the first guard paced back and forth.

Then the switch.

Back to pacing, this time with a different guard.

I hadn’t considered it until now, but the exciting part of watching is the switch. No one really cares about the soldier during his time at the post.

Except the soldier. He sticks it out for a couple lonely hours.

Same with seasons. The exciting part is the switch. No one really cares when nothing is changing.

That’s one wonderful benefit of living in Kentucky (or Indiana, Wen): we experience seasons. Autumn isn’t a picture on a calender. It’s right outside. And we have three others, not one or two others.

More seasons = more changes.

I’m in between seasons in my life too. It seems like its waiting to change. I hope my life is like Kentucky with many seasons.

More seasons = more changes = more excitement.