A show-stopping stare

Well, it finally happened. As I close in on my tenth month in Korea, I finally experienced a show-stopping stare.

My friend invited me out to a new restaurant that opened near work. Rarely one to turn down dinner with a friend, I agreed.

Entering the place, everyone turned to look at us, me. This just lasted a second, though, and could have happened to anyone entering a small establishment like this.

Continuing, though, this young boy, probably six years old or so, literally walked beside me each step of the way to the table. I sat down along with my two friends. The boy just continued to stand near the table, staring.

I smiled but didn’t know what to say.┬áPart of me wanted to say something to him. Another part wanted to avoid looking like a fool if he replied and I couldn’t understand.

The boy didn’t say anything. He just looked and looked.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and cut my beard now, I thought. On second thought, though, I wondered if that’s really such a good idea. This boy’s obviously intrigued by it. Maybe I should keep it for entertainment’s sake, even if it does make my meals feel a little awkward.