A Korean veteran at four months

I feel like I’m entering a new period in my stay in Korea. It’s been about three and half months since I arrived. And friends are leaving.

Within the next couple weeks, like five of my friends are leaving.

Today, it really hit me. I have other friends who will be here for at least a few more months. I’ve even made some new friends over the past few weeks. Still, none will replace the ones who are leaving. No matter how many friends I have, saying goodbye is still hard.

Saying goodbye to a bunch of them at once, that changes things.

I still have some adventure left in me, definitely. There are still a bunch of places I want to visit, even some foods I still need to try. My list of easy-to-check-off items, though, is getting short.

Now the main thing left to do is make friends and enjoy the friendships I have. Enjoy a new group. Because friends are leaving.

At least for foreigners, I think that’s what makes you a veteran: when your friends leave, and you realize, Whoa, I guess that’s over for now. What’s next? Who’s next?