A great business model

DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com has a great business model. They have a super simple site that does one thing: checks to see if a site is working or not.

  • Like if you own a site, but it seems like it’s down, you can use DownForEveroneOrJustMe.com to see if it’s just a local problem.
  • Or if your favorite site you visit seems down, you can use DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com to see if everyone else is having trouble too.

It’s a great tool. But I said business model, didn’t I? How does DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com make any money?

Well, like a lot of sites online, they make money selling ads. But not just any ads anywhere. No, this is highly targeted. There’s only one ad. It’s for a website hosting service. It shows up right after you check to see if a site is down.

Think about that. If you’re having trouble with your site staying online, that means your web host isn’t all that dependable. So, what are you in the market to buy? Web hosting.

A business model blueprint

  1. Create something that solves a problem for people, just one problem.
  2. Give that solution away for free.
  3. Tell about a way to solve the next problem.
  4. Charge for that next solution.

By the way, the copycats over at DownOrJust.Me don’t get it. They’re not simple enough or clean enough. They’re confused. They’re trying to solve your problem and tell you about the next solution all at once.