A fan-spaz-tastic tip for learning to write the way you speak

There’s something special about being able to write the way you speak. If you write the way you write, you run the risk of blending in.

But if you write the way you speak, your natural personality will come out. Guaranteed.

I don’t think I’m the best at this, actually. But I have learned a nifty trick for learning it. It’s called “Get out a recorder, speak, and transcribe.”

It’s really that simple. You’ll realize a ton about the way you speak. For example, I learned that when I speak, I say “really” and “so” way too much (I also learned a bunch of other ways I tend to construct sentences and thoughts when I speak that’s very different from the way I write.)

So try it out. The recording idea is also an excellent way to get down a first draft if you don’t have a friend around. Or even if you’re not yet ready for the pressure of talking your paper out to a friend.