A day in my life – Saudi edition

[Note: This post is the second in a series detailing the events of a given day in my life. I plan to follow this up with other days throughout my life, highlighting how my days change.]


My alarm beeps. I stop it in the middle of the second beep. I don’t have to get up right now. I just know I should.


I finally get on the computer, check some email, Facebook, consider what I’m going to write on Marshallogue.


Shower time. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. By this point, I have to go pretty bad. I brush my teeth, shave, take a shower, wash my face, and then head back into the bedroom to get dressed.


I get back on the computer. There’s nothing to do on here, but I’m an addict, so I have to check anyway. After a quick check, I read.


I head out into the kitchen to make some breakfast. I would’ve had more time if I’d just come out earlier, but I never do. I always push it right to the last minute before I’m supposed to leave. So there I am in the kitchen, cooking and then eating some oatmeal with only about 10 minutes left.


I board the bus to work. Most of the guys inside listen to their own music. Some read. A few talk about the night before, maybe a fight on TV or something. I just pay attention to all this.


The bus arrives at work. I head straight to my office where I input yesterday’s attendance and start planning for the day’s class. I should plan a day ahead, but again, I never do – I always push it right to the last minute.


Lunch technically starts in about 20 minutes, but I want to avoid the wait in line, so I go early. Sometimes I enjoy the big cafeteria where most of the teachers go. If I want a big meal, it’s great. Today, though, like most days, I just go to the small cafeteria. I get two felafel wraps for six riyals (about $1.50) and eat them there, heading back to my office afterward for last minute prep before class.


Class starts. I take attendance and check homework before launching into the theme for the day.


My first decent break in the teaching schedule falls after the third period. Only one left to go at this point, and the last one is usually just a big activity or something.


Class ends. I talk with students about homework and how many absences they have accumulated while gathering my things. Within ten minutes, I’m out in the bus. Five minutes later, we head back to camp.


The bus pulls up in front of camp. I go inside, check the computer again, and then head down to the corner store for some bread.


Time to start some dinner. I set up three cups of rice in the rice cooker, and then start chopping up some veggies for olive oil stir-fry. I add ginger for some extra flavor and peanuts and soy sauce toward the end. Michael eats with me, adding some fresh, winter tomatoes he got down the way.


One of the guys from across the hall drops in to see what we’re up to. We chat about some travel plans. This is one of the most relaxing parts of my day.


I start work on my secret project. It’s been off to a slow start, but I’m picking up momentum now that I’m more settled here in Saudi.


I switch to reading and writing online. At this point, it’s just a matter of degree, since I pretty much continue this until I fall asleep.


Time to call it quits. I stumble into the kitchen for some water before turning out the lights on my day in Saudi.