A day in my life – Korea edition

[Note: This post is the first in a series detailing the events of a given day in my life. I plan to follow this up with other days throughout my life, highlighting how my days change.]

10:03 AM

I wake up and read a few chapters in the Bible. I sit there meditating for a few minutes too. It sounds all zen, but really it’s just me on my bed, thinking.

10:45 AM

I check my watch to time box an hour for my secret mission. It’s a productive hour.

12:00 PM

I start goofing around online, time for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and a few other sites. I reply to a few emails and messages, consider a status for Facebook but decide against it, read a few blog articles, and end up tweeting a quote from Matthew Henry.

1:20 PM

I’m late. I should have started preparing to go to work like 40 minutes sooner. I finish a few chores, jump in the shower, skip my usual salad breakfast, opting for fruit instead (yeah, my breakfast is often later than most people’s lunch), and head out the door. It’s a beautiful day with tall skies.

2:15 PM

I walk to work. Along the way, I get the idea to write this post. Hey, it might even turn into a series. I like the idea. I come up with a few other ideas too.

2:40 PM

I walk into work. “Hello,” I say to the front desk staff. Even my Korean greeting is slipping. David greets me from the left. “Yo, buddy.” That’s his usual style. We chat for a little bit about tutoring students on the side.

2:55 PM

My first class. I told you I was late. I’ve taught the material before, though, so it’s not a big deal. Even if I hadn’t, the first class of the day is easy, unless I have a test to prepare.

3:40 PM

I start writing this post during a 15-minute break, mostly jotting down the title and a few ideas.

3:50 PM

Class time again.

5:45 PM

I take my “lunch break.” I start typing up the rest of this post. In the middle, I somehow wander over to Tim’s blog and read about the Truth About Abs. That takes up too much time, so I never get around to lunch. A random handful of almonds will have to do for now.

9:45 PM

Classes end at 9:30 on Thursdays, but everyone tends to hang around for at least half an hour, filling out homework charts or whatever. Somehow today, though, I’m heading down the street with three other teachers – Daniel, Daniel, and David – in what seems like record time. David and the new Daniel part for the subway. Then I ask Original Daniel if he wants to grab dinner. He agrees, and we decide on samgyeopsal (literally, “three layered flesh”) at our favorite place by Wangsimni.

11:40 PM

I make it back to my place. I should have some time to catch up on a few loose emails before bedtime (I just started this sleep schedule experiment). Turns out, Pop catches me on Facebook. We chat about church, and I break my bedtime. Oh, well, I made it one day.

2:05 AM

I’ve now stayed over an hour later than I planned. But it’s all good. I clear off my bed, since it often doubles as a second desk, and turn out the lights. Oh, yeah, and then I hit publish on this post before watching a TV show and falling asleep.