A child’s occupation

“A child’s occupation is to learn and grow.”

I heard this from Alisha Saulnier, but she heard it from someone else, a professional baby person, I think. When I first heard it, I thought, Hmm… I think I want a child’s occupation, just learning and growing. I like that.

I liked the idea so much that I thought I’d go ahead and write about it, share the idea with you, see what you think.

But then something happened. As I began to write this up, I started not to like the idea after all. Learning and growing, is that it? What happens when we mature? What changes, or what should change?

Learning and growing continues, yes, but the out-breath begins as well. Learning and growing turns to loving and giving, loving and giving and teaching and sharing.

I like that, more than the child’s occupation. I like growing but also growing up. That’s why I’m sharing this.