A car in Saudi

It’s been seven months since I landed in Saudi. And during those seven months, I’ve ridden company buses, taken overpriced taxis, or just stayed home on weekends because I didn’t have a way to get around on my own. A couple guys got motor scooters, but for the most part we’ve basically just been trapped in our compound.

It’s not that bad, really, not as bad as it seems, not to me at least. I’d gotten used to it. I know how to enjoy the days or the evenings or the weekends without going anywhere.

But… but I’d forgotten my love for driving.

A friend and I got a car. We rented one. We got it for a month, four weekends. We’ll use it to get to and from work, a match made in heaven because he wants to go with the car in the morning and I’m more interested in taking it after work.

I’m looking forward to it. Just being able to get out on my own or with a few friends feels amazing. We’re planning some weekend trips as well, trips I’ve been wanting to do since shortly after I got here. Time to drive.