8 reasons to walk for no reason

Some people walk for the health of it or to get somewhere, but I’d like to mention some reasons for walking when you don’t really have a reason to walk.

  1. To reflect: Most of us think about what’s coming next but never reflect on our own thoughts. Walking is a near perfect opportunity to start reflecting.
  2. To feel like you have extra time: When you take a hunk of time out of your day for something you don’t have to do, you start to feel you have extra time. That’s good.
  3. To enjoy the outdoors: If you don’t work outside, it’s easy to go a whole day without ever spending more than a couple minutes outside (driving totally doesn’t count).
  4. To give a new start to your day: After a walk, especially if it’s in the afternoon or evening, I often return completely refreshed and ready start something all over again.
  5. To create a deadline in your day: If you schedule your walk for a specific time, it creates a deadline through the first part of your day because you’re trying to finish projects before the walk.
  6. To slow down: Walking is not running. If you’re walking to get somewhere or to be healthy, you’ll push yourself. I’m talking more about meandering, like the aimless stroll in the park. You can’t help but feel life slow down like that.
  7. To notice neighbors around you: Even if you don’t see your neighbors out walking, you might see them leaving their home or returning or getting their mail or whatever. At least during my walks, the reminder keeps me in touch and aware.
  8. To appreciate: Unless you’re struggling up a hill or something, it’s hard to go for a walk without appreciating things. I start to think about everything I’ve been given, all the blessings I have. It blows my mind.

Have you walked lately? What do you love about it?