7 difficult to measure goals for 2010

Last month, I posted some of my measureable goals for 2010. Those were the easy goals. The difficult goals are the ones that aren’t as measurable. The difficult goals are easier to fake, easier to justify putting off, and easier to quit without many people really caring.

Part of becoming the most marriable man is physical. The most marriable man probably takes showers regularly. Simple enough. Part of becoming the most marriable man is reputational (you know what I mean). The most marriable man is known for being amazing.

But another part, the more important part in my opinion, is not physical or reputational. It’s emotional, mental, and spiritual. It’s person and private. That’s the part that makes the biggest difference and takes the most effort to perfect.

Here are a couple of these I’d like to develop this year:

  1. See past skin
  2. Release the desire to choose every option
  3. Become monogamous in my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and goals (related to #2)
  4. Switch my life to others-orientedness (I’m showing my current perspective by even saying “my life”)
  5. Learn to love one-conditionally
  6. Be able to marry anyone
  7. Want to marry

Someone once said something ridiculously corny: “Any man can love a million girls, but only some men can love one girl a million ways.” The man who can love any one of a million girls a million ways is the most marriable man.