51% class

What if tests, like in school, mimicked tests in life? Like what if the results that result in doing well in life were the results that would result in doing well in a class?

How often do you have to make the right decision to succeed in life? What’s the percentage?

I’ve heard super “successful” CEOs say they’re doing well if they make a good decision every three tries. Of course, that’s not how all decisions work. Packing parachutes, for example, requires a little better success rate. But life’s not all like packing parachutes. Some of it is more like CEOing.

So what if, in order to pass the class, all you needed was 33%? Or let’s not be so drastic all at once. I’d like to experiment with a class that requires 51% to pass with an A+.

At first, you might think studying would just drop off completely if no one had to do well to pass. But that’s not really what I’m saying. I’m saying to make the tests harder so even the best in the class would only get slightly more than half of the questions correct.


  • Because, for one, it means huge upside potential. Like real life.
  • Because, for two, it means more to worry about and cover. Like real life.
  • Because, for three, it means less to actually know, as a percentage of the whole. Again like in real life.

And perhaps most of all, I like this idea for a class because it would shake things up and offer a different perspective on tests and their results and what it means to do well.