5 months: My plans for the rest of 2012

I’m planning to head out again at the top of 2013. That’s five months from now. What am I supposed to do for five months then?

Some ideas:

  • Visit friends and family: This is why I came back. I could have gone straight to Saudi. It would have been easier that way. It’s not like I missed KFC here. What I missed were the people here. That’s why I’m back.
  • Prepare for the next country: Background checks, health checks, visas, job applications, interviews – there’s a lot to do, and all of it takes time.
  • Work and save money: This is where things get dicey. I don’t really know what I’m going to do on this front. I might tutor. I might try to get a job at my university. I might just try something random for the fun of it. We’ll see. I’d like to do something, for a few months at least.
  • Take a couple courses, learn a few skills: I’d like to join Toastmasters, something I wanted to do before I left but never ended up doing. I’ve also considered taking a First Aid course, like the Red Cross variety to get certified. Both look good on a resume, but who really cares about that? They’re just good (and fun) skills to develop.
  • Experiment: I don’t know what I want to try yet, but I know I want to try something. Now that I’m back in an English-speaking country, I think I want to try something social, something with lots of people, something random, something maybe at a mall or something. 🙂
  • Finish a secret project: Just a few weeks left on this one. Then I’ll get to share this one officially, even though a bunch of people know about it already at this point.
  • Start another project: I have another plan coming up, one that more than a few people kind of know about. I’m not planning to keep this one a secret. I think it’ll go better if I tell lots of people. For now, though, I’ll keep the mission to myself here.

So that’s a peek into what’s coming up for me over the next five months, at least as I see it now. It’s kind of weird, though – five months is just long enough to feel like a while but just short enough to not be able to do much long-term. I’m looking forward to the challenge of making this interesting, exciting, and valuable.