279 Days to Overnight Success (and the beauty of doing while learning)

Chris Guillebeau from the Art of Non-Conformity (one of my favorite blogs) released a completely free manifesto. It’s called 278 Days to Overnight Success – you can download it from the link.

The manifesto’s been available for a while now. I’ve read it at least once already and I think skimmed it once more. But once again, I’m reading it. This time, though, I have a blog to immediately apply it to.

The manifesto is about creating a business from your art, in particular from your writing. It focuses on blog strategy, following the success case study that is the Art of Non-Conformity.

The first time I read it, I was at school. I had a blog, but I didn’t take the time to immediately start using any of the advice. This time, though, I’m working on my blog as I go. Whether this translates to results is still in the future, but from my perspective I’ve already made some changes that seem promising.

So think of the three learning methods:

  1. One way of learning is all about learning. It’s not even expected that you’ll ever put it into practice. For example, learning about Pluto, the “once upon a time” planet.
  2. One way of learning is learning then applying. You get the whole picture first and try to put it into practice afterward. For example, going to college to become an accountant.
  3. One way of learning is applying it as you learn it. You learn something and immediately try it. Then you go on to the next step. For example, taking guitar lessons.

Of the three methods of learning, the last one is best. You know this, I know this – what we don’t is remember. Practical matters.