25 things the Internet replaced

  1. The radio: Now I listen online.
  2. The television: Now I watch online.
  3. The record store: Now I pirate online.
  4. The notepad: Now I write online.
  5. The publisher: Now I blog online.
  6. The library: Now I research online.
  7. The university: Now I enroll online.
  8. The diary: Now I journal online.
  9. The phone number: Now I contact online.
  10. The phone: Now I skype online.
  11. The instrument: Now I compose online.
  12. The darkroom: Now I edit online.
  13. The office: Now I work online.
  14. The calendar: Now I schedule online.
  15. The file cabinet: Now I archive online.
  16. The water cooler: Now I chat online.
  17. The sage: Now I search online.
  18. The yardsale: Now I sell online.
  19. The map: Now I navigate online.
  20. The letter: Now I email online.
  21. The newspaper: Now I subscribe online.
  22. The mall: Now I shop online.
  23. The line: Now I reserve online.
  24. The bill: Now I pay online.
  25. The Rolodex: Now I facebook online.

What else? And what’s next?