2 things that change lives

A blog post probably won’t change anyone’s life. As much as I’d like to think they do, books don’t really make much long-term difference either. Even conferences and seminars only last so long. Too quickly their impact fades away.

So what do we remember? What does change our lives?

I think there are two things that do, and they’re opposites:

  1. Long-term consistency
  2. Short-term shock

One blog post might not make a big difference, but hundreds might, especially if they’re consistently reinforcing the same message over and over again. At the same time, one normal seminar might not get you to change careers to help the poor, but visiting Africa might.

To change something, you need tons of consistency to build trust or tons of shock, enough to get you to do something while you’re learning. That’s why I’m trying to write consistently… and why if I do a seminar, we’re going to get out and do stuff.

How can you push what you do into one of those categories, consistent or shocking?