2 kinds of blogs

As soon as I discover a blog, I subconsciously categorize it into one of two groups. I’ll call one kind a “seminar” and the other kind a “banquet.”


A seminar is a well-structured, well researched gathering where people learn about a given topic. Everyone shares a common interest in that topic, and that’s what brings everyone together.

And for the time spent at the seminar, you’re presented with an incredibly dense amount of information on that topic.

Some blogs are like seminars. They’re structured around one topic and over time become a trusted resource on that topic, whether that’s breast feeding, copywriting, or rocket science.


A banquet, whether it’s formal or informal, is structured around people (no, not food). The topics at hand, even though they’re often totally fascinating, aren’t the main reason for the gathering. The main reason for the gathering is to get to know one another (and, okay, eat too).

You’ll usually “waste” a lot of time at a banquet if you’re looking for straight up content.

Some blogs are like banquets. The topics are free-ranging, limited only by the author and the readers’ interests and imagination. The blog itself might not become a trusted resource on any given topic, but for those who stick around to participate, the author becomes somewhat of a trusted friend.

Here’s what I think’s interesting about this

  • Most of us gravitate toward the first kind to begin with. We’re interested in a topic, so we attend the seminar. Seminars seem more valuable because the information is so well formatted. And people can only get that by attending.
  • It takes more time and effort to appreciate the second kind. Banquets don’t give the immediate, actionable results that seminars do. Plus, people can create similar experiences elsewhere… by inviting you to their banquet or their friend’s banquet.
  • I’ve run both kinds of blogs. And contrary to some, I think both kinds can work, just in different contexts. That’s why both exist. As a reader, though, I think it’s important to know which kind of blog you’re at because that determines how you’ll get value out of it and how you’ll contribute to it yourself.

So if you haven’t guessed it already, this blog, I’d say, is more of a banquet (except I need to do something about the catering). 🙂