Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 4

10 ideas for BEFORE-work routines… here we go:

  1. Take a walk outside
  2. Drink a cup of tea while listening to a chapter of the Bible
  3. Read a book for half an hour
  4. Email someone to interview. Maybe someone I’d like to learn from. Maybe someone I could interview for my blog. Maybe someone I could interview for a Hunchback Whale blog review post.
  5. Pushups
  6. Drink a tall glass of water (an internal bath) and eat some protein
  7. Write down 10 ideas and publish them
  8. Prepare some food to bring to work
  9. Ride a bike into work
  10. Wake up with an extra hour of time

Once I get going, coming up with ideas like this is a lot of fun. If I can make this more of a habit, I’m interested in seeing where this leads. I’m interested in seeing what happens when I circle back around a dig further into these ideas, with, say, 10 ideas on how to execute on any one of the ideas I come up with it.