13 item wardrobe [EXPERIMENT] – Day 8

A week into this, and I’m still feeling pretty good about it. After wearing basically the same thing over and over again for a year now as a result of my pared down packing list, switching to wear exactly the same thing each day hasn’t been much of a problem.

I would think overall one of the biggest hurdles would be the social stigma of never looking like you change clothes. I got over that a while back. So the physical side of this experiment, the washing and wearing each day, has worked out pretty well.

Two lessons I’m learning so far:

  1. I don’t have to actually give up stuff to experiment with giving up stuff. This should have been pretty obvious to me considering that experimenting, by my definition, means doing things that can be (mostly) reversed and observing what happens.
  2. This also reinforces the observation that it’s easier to pare down gradually than try to dump everything at once. Again, this seems like common sense when you stop to think about it. When you see someone well into this journey, though, it can seem overwhelming, like it would be impossible for you and I to reach that point. But it’s not, if it’s taken a little at a time.

I don’t feel a huge shift in life. I feel like I’m pretty much living the way I was before. I just have my clothes listed now as a baker’s dozen.