13 item wardrobe [EXPERIMENT] – Day 3

Okay, so I ran into a bit of a problem. Before I get into that, let me explain a little more about this experiment, something I neglected to mention in the first post.

In that first post, I said I was paring down my wardrobe to 13 items. I still have all my other clothes, the vast quantity I brought with me to Korea. I’m just choosing not to use any of them.

On top of that, though, I was also trying to go without using a washing machine. I have one here but not a dryer. I’m totally used to living without the dryer. I hang my clothes, and they typically dry in about 12 hours, plenty of time for me to wash and then wear the next day.

My idea going into this experiment was to wear the jeans and long-sleeved shirt during the day, wash them in the evening while wearing the shorts and an undershirt, and then have them ready for wear the next day.

Problem is, jeans evidently take a lot longer than I thought to dry. When I first arrived here, I worried about how long it would take for them to dry. With the sweet spin cycle on the washer, though, they dry surprisingly quickly.

I guess I didn’t realize how useful that spin cycle was. Last night, I washed the jeans fairly early in the evening, knowing I would need them bright and early Sunday morning. Turns out, though, they were still soaked.

Even now late in the evening, they still feel wet. They probably will take about two days – 48 hours – to dry completely. That’s okay for now – I can switch back to running the washing machine. But it still messes with the plans, especially since part of the reason I wanted to experiment this way was to see if I could live without the washing machine.

I guess now I know that if I want to go this minimal, I’ll have to switch to a different fabric. Jeans take too long to dry.