15 tips to facebook the excitement in someone else (and blast boredom to death)

Facebooking is powerful. But it’s under used. I don’t mean you’re not on it enough. You’re on it but don’t connect, don’t create as much excitement, as you should.

Here’re some tips to get you started.

  1. Write (and send) someone a meaningful message, shooting for over 800 words
  2. Make a fan page for someone else
  3. @tag someone and tell ’em why they’re special
  4. Post a joke on someone’s wall
  5. Reply to every status on the first page of your news feed
  6. Ask a fantastic question with your status, a question anyone would want to answer (put “QUESTION” as a first word attention grabber)
  7. Send a friend request to someone you don’t know (you might increase your chances if you go with a friend of friend instead of a complete stranger).
  8. Chat with someone you’ve never chatted with about something meaningful. “Hi, how are you?” conversations aren’t allowed. Check their info for conversation ideas.
  9. Comment on an old photo, especially one that either has a bunch of comments or no comments at all.
  10. Tag someone in a funny photo, even if that someone really isn’t in it.
  11. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know on one of your friend’s walls.
  12. Create a group for people with your name (first only, first and last, whatever), and invite all the people you can find with your name.
  13. Interact in the groups you already have (e.g. post a comment in the forums or on the wall or even in response to someone else’s comment).
  14. Search for then friend an obscure acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while.
  15. Suggest a friend to another friend (and be sure to tell each why they should become friends).

There they are. Small but “start right now” tips. You can do more, but that should get you going.

Excite someone else, and you’ll get excited. Rock their world. Rock yours. At the very least, don’t tell me you’re bored on facebook. :>)