116 rapid-fire memories from 2016

I told Meagan that one of the best practices I’ve done online is these lists of rapid-fire memories. But I missed this past year.

Until now.

Here’s the list of what I’ve done or remember from 2016:

  1. Flying in a helicopter for the first time in Gatlinburg, TN
  2. Listening/Watching Leah McHenry webinar about building super fans online
  3. Reading Kevin Kelly’s revised “1,000 True Fans” in Tim Ferriss’s new book, Tools for Titans
  4. Getting coffee with Luke Lyons at Heine Bros.
  5. Chatting with Adam Watts for the first time with Hunchback Whale
  6. Meeting Darren of Orphan Care Alliance (OCA)
  7. Meeting Sarah of OCA and attending the class with her
  8. Driving to meet and pick up a child for OCA Families and Sarah telling us it wasn’t going to work out
  9. Going to the OCA Families meeting with everyone
  10. Giving my Ice Breaker speech at Toastmasters
  11. Winning the first round of the Humorous Speech contest
  12. Giving my first speech that didn’t get “Best Speaker” Award at Toastmasters
  13. Asking the first round of friends on Facebook to join the Hunchback Whale newsletter
  14. Visiting the Outlet Mall to exchange my slippers
  15. Going to the Silver Spoons EP release show
  16. Filming Ted jumping into the pool, fully clothed
  17. Picking out Lyndon, our new cat
  18. Trying to adopt a cat for Meagan’s birthday but getting rejected because I checked “inside/outside”
  19. Building the first version of the Hunchback Whale website
  20. Talking for hours on the phone with Ted about the “four pack” album
  21. Writing the new email for the newsletter
  22. Camping in Pennsylvania
  23. Going through Hershey Park
  24. Building a fire in the backyard
  25. Throwing way too much wood into the fire the second time we used it in the backyard with Zach
  26. Going to the hospital and then holding baby Elsie for the first time
  27. Recording the first test run of the podcast on MarshallJonesJr.com
  28. Recording a conversation with Gage for our first podcast together
  29. Hanging a tire swing in our yard
  30. Buying a bicycle from the Goodwill
  31. Riding my bicycle to work
  32. Mowing the lawn with the monster truck ear protectors over my ear buds so I can listen to a podcast
  33. Winning mini BopIt
  34. “Working” at Heine Bros. Coffee on Saturday morning
  35. Turning off my alarm clock and walking up for work on my own
  36. Trying to grow grass from grass seed grown in our yard
  37. Finding out MailChimp doesn’t offer free auto-responders anymore
  38. Setting up the email popup on MarshallJonesJr.com
  39. Hosting Thanksgiving at our house
  40. Losing my wedding ring in the waterpark at Hershey Park (and then the diving girl finding it)
  41. Visiting Delaware for the first time
  42. Playing Spike Ball the day after Christmas outside in flip flops
  43. Hearing that Gage was asked to join the advanced class at school
  44. Watching Gage get a distinguished award at school
  45. Winning tickets for The Pass concert at Headliners
  46. Winning tickets for The Yaesayers at Headliners
  47. Winning tickets for the Tiki Surf Show at Headliners
  48. Visiting the prison where they filmed The Shawshank Redemption
  49. Visiting Clevaland in February for our first wedding anniversary
  50. Touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum
  51. Eating in a train car diner on the way back from Cleveland
  52. Touring the National History Museum in Cleveland
  53. Visiting Clarksville, TN and seeing Meagan’s Grandpa’s house where she spent summers
  54. Getting my hair cut at Smart Style by Meagan
  55. See how exited Gage got about his new haircut
  56. Driving through the mud at the maple syrup farm
  57. Listening to the girl play guitar at the maple syrup farm and remember when we played there years ago
  58. Visiting the Robert’s Family Farm
  59. Camping at Taylorsville Lake
  60. Chatting with the guy who drove down from up north to see the Kentucky Derby
  61. Rushing to pack up the camping gear at Taylorsville Lake as a storm hit
  62. Joining Toastmasters
  63. Attending the Toastmasters speech competition
  64. Going to Main Event with Sonitrol
  65. Going to Main Event later with all the tickets we received on the cards
  66. Running the 5k Jingle Bell Run for arthritis
  67. Winning the costume contest at the Jingle Bell Run
  68. Going to a Bats game with OCA Families
  69. Touring Indiana Caverns for Valentine’s Day
  70. Attending the SNDA (Sonitrol) conference
  71. Eating at Elmo’s in Indianapolis, IN
  72. Taking Meagan to the Spaghetti Factory for the first time
  73. Going over to Ken’s pool party
  74. Getting my eyebrows waxed
  75. Looking for Lincoln
  76. Touring the aquarium in Gatlinburg
  77. Visiting Calvary Chapel Cleveland, OH
  78. Visiting Calvary Chapel Harrisburg, PA
  79. Visiting Calvary Chapel Knoxville, TN
  80. Discovering Gilberto’s
  81. Getting our car towed at the state fair
  82. Driving around Gettysburg with the CD tour
  83. Climbing the lookout tower at Gettysburg
  84. Trying to find a restroom in the town at Gettysburg and buying ice cream at the place that let us use theirs
  85. Buying a better litter box for our cats
  86. Going to the Parklands water park
  87. Going to the Kentucky state fair
  88. Getting all the tools from Grandpa
  89. Working on the backsplash (but not finishing it)
  90. Getting wine from a Sonitrol customer for $2 per bottle
  91. Finding the old coffee in the coffee pot from a the year before… then making coffee
  92. Going over to Jacki and Jeremy’s house for Christmas Eve
  93. Going over to Poppy and Momma’s house for Christmas with everyone there
  94. Forgetting to sign the table cloth for Christmas
  95. Setting up a YouTube account for Hunchback Whale
  96. Killing our weed eater because I put the wrong type of gas in it (the mower gas, the kind without oil)
  97. Going to the Middletown Festival and sleeping on the sidewalk because I was so tired
  98. Going to the Middletown Christmas Festival and listening to music in the church
  99. Getting a flat tire on my bike riding to work
  100. Discovering the CD Baby, DIY Musician podcast
  101. Grilling out in the backyard
  102. Going to Gage’s birthday party at House Of Boom
  103. Going to the church Christmas party that ended up in the dining area at Fazoli’s
  104. Playing guitar at church
  105. Playing drums at church while Will was out after Elsie was born
  106. Playing drums for the song “I Shall See God”
  107. Creating the Action Security logo
  108. Creating the KYESA logos
  109. Making web ads for Sonitrol
  110. Building the side “content” website for Sonitrol
  111. Going to Gage’s school to build stuff with the Father/Son Club
  112. Going to Gage’s Fall Festival at school
  113. Recording keypad tutorials for Sonitrol
  114. Creating the Hunchback Whale logo on a napkin, then through Fiverr, then on my own
  115. Crossing the new I-65 bridge downtown with Eric
  116. Crossing the new East End bridge with Meagan on our circle around Louisville before the tolls began

Happy New Year!